Scrap Pile

art, installation, fiber art, scraps

Working as an artist in varied forms of production, from my studio to the entertainment industry, I have come to notice and appreciate the resulting scrap materials that are generated.  Scraps have obvious utilitarian value in a production setting.  In a wood shop, scraps are set aside diligently, to be used for various purposes in future projects.  In a sewing practice, scraps that are left after the clothing is made, become the primary media in the construction of a quilt. The discarded item acquires a new role.

art, installation, fiber art, scrap

Aside from the utilitarian value, these leftover pieces possess uniquely formal traits.  Their organic shapes take on anthropomorphic qualities like clouds in the sky.  The negative spaces invite you to take an alternative look, acquire a skewed perspective.  Without any intent, the forms materialize out of the scrap pile, born into the world by accident, a secondary gesture.

art, installation, fiber art, scraps

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