Sew on Rebels, Sew on!

There is a lovely movement of sewers aspiring to alter the landscape of mass production and consumption, one small project at a time.  They are known as the Sewing Rebellion and they are lead by the devout and diligent Frau Fiber.  An artist, activist and textile worker, she has helped organize Sewing Rebellion chapters in California, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Chapters meet once a month and work out a project designed by Frau Fiber in order to support more sustainable forms of consumption.  Not only do participants gain technical  skills in mending and construction, thus reducing the need for mass produced items; they create totally unique objects while flexing their creativity.

Sewing Rebels earn patches as they conquer a new project every month.

I learned about this group about a year ago and have unfortunately never been able to attend the LA chapter meetings.  Good news for me and other over-extended folk, you can be a ‘chapter of one’ by checking out the website for instructions and guides to projects past and present.

As the current economy shrinks, it may be worth investing a little time honing our skills in order to support a smaller and more stable economy.  Or, maybe just consider these activities as fun ways to get creative with neighbors and friends!


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